Days of A Turner

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  • Moving Day

    The riggers brought my 4 largest machines into the new shop today.  A big moment, as it means I have made my last piece at my studio in New Ipswich. The evolution of the technique I use to create my work took place there, so it is sad to be leaving it.  But I took the opportunity to build on the property my partner and I share in Pepperell, MA a studio that is bigger, brighter and free of the moisture and mold that plagued me in New Ipswich.  And it is a short walk rather than a 35 minute commute! The Logan machine lathe must be 50 years old.  It is an honorable hunk of American cast iron, weighing we guessed, a ton and a half. There is a looseness in its joints, and it requires understanding, but it is still quite capable of cutting in thousands.  I need that for the close work  in fitting the rings together in a piece.  The Oneway 2436, a wonderfully engineered Canadian machine, the vintage Delta Crescent bandsaw and the compressor also came in this load.  Whereas in the old studio, the bandsaw barely made it under the ceiling, it has almost 3' to the ceiling here.  We are planning a big opening party at the end of the month.  After that, I'll get serious about making the space work.