Yellow Swirl   13 rings of pau amarillo and ebony step and swing from myrtle  burl center


BurlWhirl This extravagant myrtle burl is framed by eccentrically assembled rings of ebony and yellowheart. 8" wide by 4" high.

Burl Sawn Black cherry burl is sawn into segments. Curly big leaf maple bowl with ebony frame. 8" wide x 3" high.

Masur Pair  A set of masur birch bowls trimmed with chakte-viga and ebony. 2.5" x 2 and 3.5" x 3"

Holly Pleat American holly and gabon ebony with curly maple center. The offset black veneers create a pleasing rhythm. 8.75 " d x 2" high

Sphere 2 / Morse Code  A 13" thin wall sphere in Holly and Ebony.  This hollow, open ended sphere is composed of 32 rings which have been assembled on 2 centers so that the pattern constantly changes as the sphere revolves.  Rests in a recess in a Delrin base.

1,2,3 These graduated bowls are black walnut with curly maple and ebony rims. From the diminutive 3"x 2.5", to the 4.5" x 3", and finishing with 6" x 4".

Cascade  7 rings in holly, curly myrtle and ebony.  13.75" wide x 4.5" high

Red Ghost  Intense curly maple with bloobwood and ebony  6.75" wide x 4" high

Dervish  11 rings of bloodwood, yellowheart holly and ebony, assembled on five centers, whirl about a bloodwood center.  12.75" x 2.5"

Torus 2  22 rings of holly and yellowheart, assembled on 2 centers in a spiral pattern, energize this hollow form.  Steel beads within the form interact with a magnet in the anodized aluminm base to hold the form upright however it is set down.  13.5" x 4.75"

Ziggy Basket  Rings of holly and  bloodwood are assembled on two centers to produce a stepped design where each iteration differs from the next one.  Contrasting lip is ebony.  13.5" x 5.5"

Shimmy  An outrageous white birch burl topped by a double ring of maple veneer and ebony. 8" high x 9"wide

Portal  Ebony, maple veneer and "frog hair" myrtle.  Offset assembly results in non-repeating  pattern.  8.75" x 3.50"

DeColores  This small curly maple bowl has a double lip of holly, ebony, yellowheart, bloodwood, chakte-viga and purple heart. 6" x 3"

Map  Spalted soft maple and ebony.  6.5" x 

Lipstick  12 rings of pink ivory, purpleheart, ebony and holly, assembled on 4 centers. Playful and very improbably colored, but true. 13.5"  x 3.5"